The Elusive Lenny Thynn

An artist.

Quick quick Kamisama Hajimemashita fan art.Tomoe.. well, not much to say, is there? Brilliant fox.
Oekaki stuff."Tyd" means "time", for the clueless.
Dragon. Obviously. Done with pen and ink in my sketchbook.
New character, yes. Someone mysterious, who loves reading, and is named Magdalena.
I might colour this sometime, but due to being stupid and drawing the lineart on the background layer, it’ll be limited options for colouring methods, heh.

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I don’t consider myself an artist, but most of my friends are, and I’m married to one. Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of behavior that ranges from awkward to outright unacceptable. Here are some dos and don’ts to ensure that your experience with an artist is a good one for both parties. This is…

So yes, I practically never repost things, but this is gold and must be shared.

AFK Screen for Livestreaming by LennyThynn
Black horse. Haven’t drawn horses in months, so this was quite fun.
A sketch in Krita. With one of the sketch brushes. It was addicting making patterns with the brush, so whatever it is wound up full of patterns XD
Coloured version, mmm. He’s so cute, this guy.
Lineart for Curtis from Pokémon Black 2. I’ll be colouring this pretty soon ;)Done by possibly the slowest method of lineart there is >.> Took me quite a few hours.